Blockchain has the capability to attract premium ad spend


Server-side Header Bidder Solution
Unlock premium ad spend, drive revenue, and reduce the number of queries
Maximize Discoverability
Drive competition for every impression; reducing dependencies on closed ad systems to market your inventory
Real-time Actionable Insights
Translate blockchain data into real-time, actionable price decisioning


Full Transparency
See the entire supply chain - know every provider who sold (or re-sold) your inventory
Review all of your inventory data using blockchain’s comprehensive and immutable ledger
Verified Impressions
Minimize fraud and give buyers confidence knowing you’re the only seller of mTLS-certified impressions for your website (i.e. true verification)
Universal Data
Unlock blockchain’s single-source-of-truth to manage inventory & partners holistically


Impenetrable Identity
100% confidence knowing your identity cannot be replicated or spoofed
Cryptographically Secure Event Processing
Execute massive transaction volume while maintaining full integrity and security
Data Protection
Protect and control your pricing and audience data in a cryptographically secure environment


Easy Adoption
Seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms using MetaX’s ad-friendly implementation
Communicate with the blockchain using a language that’s pre-tailored for advertising
Open Source
Take advantage of innovative industry solutions and horizontal integrations across the entire ecosystem

At its core, a blockchain is a decentralized shared ledger that records transactions into "blocks." Blockchain gives you control over your data and inventory to maximize the value of every impression

For the digital advertising industry, these "blocks" create a detailed audit trail within a universal, immutable ledger called adChain, a blockchain-based open protocol that fits right into your existing tech stack

The MetaX platform, powered by adChain, gives sellers total control and the ability to retain integrity and full value of content to attract premium ad spend