The adChain Registry

The adChain Registry dapp (decentralized application) is a community-curated list of ad-supported websites (domains). Community members use adToken to signal whether or not a website should be included or rejected from the Registry.

adToken (ADT) can be used within the adChain Registry dapp for:
1) Applying
2) Challenging
3) Voting
The purpose of curating this list of domains is to provide advertisers with a community-vetted stamp of approval on the websites best suited for serving ads. Current industry practices for curating registries are “pay-to-play” or arbitrary whitelists used by safety vendors. The industry lacks any explicit feedback from the general public about which ad-supported websites are legitimate and why. The adChain Registry solves this by design as the first token curated registry for the digital advertising industry and adToken (ADT) is the fuel that powers the Registry’s engine.